Why Should I Hire YOU?

The person who can deliver the most powerful, dynamic, crystal clear, benefit-laden, hypnotic, irressistable answer to that question…almost without exception…GETS THE JOB!

So…how would YOU answer that question

 Do you know? 

Have you thought about it…I mean really thought about it?

The cold, hard, inescapable truth is this:  the interviewer isn’t really interested in you.  They are really interested in what you can do for them.

So it’s up to you to clearly show them what problem you can solve for them or what pain you can alleviate for them. 

And that’s how you convince them to hire YOU.

In this seminar I’ll show you exactly how to answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” 

I’ll show you how to have the interviewer agreeing with everything you say and make it almost impossible for them to say NO to you.

If that is something you’d be interested in, please contact me at 770-993-0004 or email Hal@HalColeman.com and make arrangements to attend this one hour seminar.

WARNING:  This seminar is brutal.  It might offend you, hurt your feelings or make you mad. But…if you choose to listen and do what I tell you…you will get hired.  I guarantee it!

Here are some comments from people I have worked with:

“While meeting with Hal one day during a long period of unemployment, he explained to me the most effective techniques of interviewing I’ve ever heard.  Among many other things, he talked about the importance of letting the employer know that you get them.  They want to know that you understand their problems and how to alleviate those problems.  They want to know that you’re a team player, dedicated, reliable and proactive (as well as any other attributes that apply to the job for which you’re interviewing).  In a recent interview, I did just that.  I talked about how I thought it would be important for them to have someone in the office to perform the tasks that bog them down and prevent them from going out and growing their business.  I conveyed that I understood those problems and could alleviate some of the burden so they could perform at their highest; that I was interested in being part of a team, working to help grow the business.  As Hal said they would (if I were saying the right things) they were nodding their heads “yes” the whole time I was speaking.  And what do you know?!  They offered me the job. 

 The employer doesn’t so much want to know what you’ve done in previous jobs but rather what you can do for them now.  Highlighting what you did in past jobs has its place in an interview, sure.  It’s good to highlight accomplishments and how you solved problems or tasks that arose.  It shows what your capable of.  But what I learned from working with Hal is that they are much more interested in what you can do for them and how you can help them on a day-to-day basis, now.

 If you want to nail an interview and land the job, work with Hal.  His approach is completely practical and entirely effective.  It will be the most valuable lessons you’ll ever learn about job searches and interviewing.   He knows what he’s talking about and his techniques work.  Period. “

 ~ Christy Camp, Roswell, GA

 “Hal coleman is one of the most positive people and motivational people I have ever known. 

 I am a registered nurse who had worked for an insurance company for 3 ½ years and suddenly found myself without a job in May of 2009.  I felt lost and despondent.  Hal met with me and gave me the confidence I needed to get out  of the house and re-group.  Hal was instrumental in showing me the process of networking, interviewing and following up after interviews to get a job.

 Thanks to Hal I was able to get a part time job as a local hospital and am now beginning my dream job at a Neurological Rehab Center in Florida, working from home.

 Hal Coleman is a marvel and has taught me not only how to get a job, but be positive and proactive in my approach to working.”

 Vickie Kirby, Registered Nurse,

I’d love to speak to your networking group or job seekers support group.  Just give me a call at 770-993-0004 and I’ll tell you more about my seminar.  Or you can email me at Hal@HalColeman.com.

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